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Civil Litigation

The term Civil Litigation can be defined as a legal dispute between two or more parties which normally involves a sum of money as opposed to criminal sanctions. The courts are generally needed to resolve any discrepancies and compensation is paid out for a variety of different reasons.

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Areas of Civil Litigation:

Why Choose Oracle’s Civil Litigation Solicitors?

Oracle Solicitors team of experienced Civil Litigation lawyers in London and Belfast have a proven track record of winning such cases that involve personal injury, road traffic accidents and professional negligence to name but a few.

We tailor our approach to each of our clients’ needs as we know that a “one approach suits all” method does not work and as a result, our clients are happier. Our responsiveness and “hands-on” culture will ensure that we will get the best result for our clients, delivered as fast and efficiently as possible.

Civil Litigation

Should you have experienced any of these cases, do not delay in contacting our civil litigation specialists who will offer expert legal advice and work promptly and sympathetically with you to minimise the disruption and financial cost this may have on your life.

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