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Confiscation & Asset Seizure

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, the prosecution may ask the court for a confiscation order. If so, they may freeze your assets to make sure that the money could be confiscated and not hidden away.

Preservation of assets under the (POCA) Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 has become increasingly normal during investigations, frequently occurring during early stages.

What to do if Assets are Seized or Confiscated

A strong legal team is required to deal with this complex area as the court have the power to imprison, for up to 10 years in default, for failure to pay the amount due under a confiscation order.

It is essential that you have a legal team which has the experience to deal with this complex area as the courts have the power to imprison, for up to 10 years in default, for failure to pay the amount due under a confiscation order.

Our specialist POCA solicitors have experience of handling all aspects of restraint and seizure orders. Proceedings require careful analysis including asset tracing, calculation of benefit and valuation of assets.

Confiscation and Asset Seizure

Our criminal team works with forensic technology specialists and forensic accountants to ensure a robust defence. We can apply to the Crown Court or High Court to change the POCA order or seek a certificate of inadequacy.

In order to avoid any complication’s involving your case, be sure to get in contact with our POCA and confiscation order solicitors right away and we will help protect your best interests.

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We Cover:  

  • Magistrates Cash Forfeiture
  • Proceeds of Crime Representation
  • Restraint Orders
  • High Court Seizure






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