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Criminal Interview Advice and Representation

Do not delay in contacting our expert criminal defence solicitors in London and Belfast today if you need criminal interview advice and representation at a police station in order to ensure that no mistakes are made that may affect you negatively further down the line.

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Why Criminal Interview Advice and Representation is needed

Sadly it is not uncommon for an entirely innocent defendant who failed to obtain legal representation prior to police questioning to make a false confession.

An interview at a police station is a stressful and worrying experience so it is essential that you are fully aware of your rights and are able to make the decision as to how to respond.

Inaccurate answers are given in haste and out of panic which later turn out to be wrong. Many clients attempt to answer questions immediately in the belief they can talk their way out of the situation and leave as quickly as possible. This is rarely the best strategy. It is difficult to rectify these sort of mistakes after the event.

Criminal Interview Advice and Representation

Experienced Criminal Defence Solicitors

By having one of our experienced criminal defence solicitors attend we will be able to obtain information about the investigation, the reasons for the interview, explain the process, advise you about the options that you have and ensure you are treated fairly throughout the proceedings. Even if you decide to answer questions, you will want to think carefully in advance about the issue with which you have to deal.

Our specialist criminal defence lawyers will guide you through the process, highlighting your options and provide advice to achieve the best possible outcome. In many instances, we can help to avoid an arrest taking place, with all the potentially onerous consequences that can flow from an arrest: restrictions on travel, onerous bail conditions, and the likelihood that fingerprint and DNA samples will be taken that will remain on a national database for life.

Our reputation is based on providing quality advice, protecting our client’s interests and striving for the best result at all times. To achieve this our attitude is proactive right from the moment we take your call.

If you need criminal interview advice and representation, call us today:
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