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Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Oracle Solicitors team of experienced and highly reputable lawyers in London and Belfast have a proven track record of successfully solving disputes appropriately.

Our “hands on” and tailored approach to each individual case is what separates us from the rest and you can be assured of prompt, quality legal advice.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Disputes can cause individuals and small businesses direct financial loss, unbudgeted costs, wasted management time and often irreparable damage to relationships and reputations. It is therefore crucial to resolve disputes quickly and understand the range of options available to you.

We can advise you on the best strategy for achieving your commercial objectives within your budget and preferred timescale. We focus on identifying the issues early and using the most appropriate method of dispute resolution, be it through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication, expert determination or early neutral evaluation.

Contact our Dispute Resolution & Mediation team for an initial discussion with no obligation:
London: 020 3051 5060
Belfast: 028 9002 2371

Alternatively, please contact us using the below enquiry form and our solicitors will ring you as soon as possible.






***Oracle Solicitors do not accept service of documents by e-mail or fax.

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