Emmanuel Appiah v Unknown Driver

Emmanuel Appiah v Unknown Driver

Emmanuel Appiah v Unknown Driver

Our client, Mr Appiah, approached us on 24/06/2019 as he had been involved in a Road Traffic Accident. The client had been driving correctly in his lane. The defendant vehicle then, in attempting to overtake our client, collided with the passenger side of our client’s vehicle, and subsequently drove away from the scene.

Though we did not have the defendant’s personal details, we were able to establish the identity of the defendant vehicle’s insurers using the Registration Number and consulting the Motor Insurers Database, and so we submitted the claim to them through the MOJ Portal. The client then attended a Medical Appointment we had arranged for him, and it was determined by the expert that he had suffered a whiplash injury to his neck with a 9 month recovery period.

The third party insurers ultimately admitted liability for the accident and our client’s injuries, and a settlement was negotiated with them for the value of £2,600.00. A cheque was sent to the client and the case was completed by the first week of August, just over one month after the client first came to us.

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