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With Article 50 due to be triggered on March 29th and Brexit becoming more and more of a reality, we look at what is known, what some future implications may be and how this will effect you.


The impact that Brexit will have on UK immigration law is still not yet known, but, if you are an EEA national who wishes to remain in the UK, you should consider applying for permanent residence in the UK as a matter of urgency prior to any changes taking effect.


There has been no change to the employment rights of UK citizens working in other EU member states. It has been reported that protecting UK citizens’ rights to work in EU countries will be a key issue in formal negotiations.

Data Protection:

When the UK exits the EU it may be the case that data protection law is affected. As the position becomes clearer, businesses & private individuals should consider;

  • where their data is held
  • whether any data is subject to the Privacy Shield, which is a framework that protects the flow of personal data between the EU and USA
  • what steps they need to take to ensure compliance with data protection law.

Planning Ahead:

To make sure that you stay ahead of Brexit get in touch today and we can inform you of everything going forward and advise on matters to effectively manage what is happening, to make you prepared for any and all outcomes. Below you can find the number to call us for anything Brexit related for both our London and Belfast offices as well as our email address. Alternatively, feel free to pop into any of our offices and you can find the address on our Contact Us page.

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