Cristina Mihaiu

Cristina Mihaiu

Cristina is working in the Aviation Department at Oracle Solicitors – London Office – since April 2019. She is part of a team that is instructed by some of the world’s leading airlines to manage passenger compensation claims. Cristina’s principal cases are specialised in EU261/2004 claims, involving delayed or cancelled flights in jurisdictions of England & Wales and Northern Ireland.

Cristina is a Solicitors Regulation Authority registered European Lawyer (starting August 2018), she has recently completed her first QLTS exam on the route to qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales. She is an experienced senior lawyer in Romania; a fluent French speaker, with a high level of expertise in continental law.

Cristina has demonstrable skills in litigation and legal research, driven by an expertise in case analysis, strategic planning and negotiations, she is confident and professional, able to remain objective during court proceedings without compromising on persuasive techniques, Cristina had a successful 13-year career in Romania in Civil and Criminal Law dealing with Private and Public clients, NGO’s as well as working pro bono with the Romanian Bar Association.

Cristina is adept at building long-lasting relationships with clients and industry peers alike, with strong communication skills and the ability to deliver work with empathy and compassion.  She provides a broad range of skills and credentials, gained through rigorous programs, including a Bachelor and Master of Political Science and a Bachelor of Law.

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Cristina Mihaiu
Qualified Romanian Lawyer / REL
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Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH

+44 020 3051 5060

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