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Serious Injury Claims

Our Personal Injury team have the experience and expertise to pursue a serious injury claim all the way to the High Court if necessary and secure fair and full compensation to support your needs both now and in the future.

A No Win No Fee (excludes Northern Ireland) agreement from Oracle Solicitors ensures that all of your legal fees are covered, whatever the outcome of the case. Call us today on 020 3051 5060 or 028 9002 2371.

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Serious Injury Claims Explained

Serious injury claims are also known as catastrophic injury or large loss claims. This includes life changing injuries such as spinal injury, severe head/ brain trauma, amputation and fatal accidents.

Serious injury claims can take a long time to resolve due to their complexity and require specialist Solicitors with expert legal knowledge and experience. Often significant sums of money are required to compensate the individual for losses sustained and to cover future living adjustments.

Serious Injury Claims

Serious injury accidents often result in life-changing injuries such as restricted mobility which alter the victims’ way of life considerably.

How we help with Serious Injury Claims

At Oracle, we understand early medical treatments and rehabilitation support are vital to ensure as complete a recovery as possible.

We will apply for Interim Payments of compensation to be paid before the case is settled if these become available. Our solicitors will also assist in arranging medical appointments and any possible adjustments in appropriate cases. The expert team at Oracle have dealt with a wide variety of cases, with some involving below the knee amputation and partial loss of sight.

Each year we help numerous clients succeed in receiving full and fair compensation, sadly many of these claims involve serious injury.

Clear Communication and Support Assured

The Serious Injury Solicitor or Lawyer dealing with your case will speak to you in simple terms using the language you understand and they will also provide ongoing advice and support.

We know we are dealing with a person, not just a legal issue and at the end of your claim, we will arrange financial advice and support.

If you have a question about serious injury claims, please call us today

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