Power Bar, Can You Claim?

A mobile phone company released their power bar and shortly afterwards, in late 2015, had to recall their product due to the charger overheating and causing minor to severe burns, the company advised consumers to bring their charger back to the store.

Recently we have acted on behalf of a number of clients that have received minor to severe burns and have been successful in receiving compensation.

Can you claim?

The short answer is Yes, although there are factors which make you eligible to put forward a claim.

Factors that make it eligible to claim:

If you have used a power bar which has overheated and caused minor – severe burns.

Will claiming cost me anything?

No, we will recuperate our legal fee’s from the other side.

Up to how many years can you claim, since the product has been recalled?

You have 3 years to claim from the date of your accident.

How much can you potentially claim?

You amount you can claim depends on the severity of your burns.

If you have been effected by an using a Power Bar, do not hesitate and contact us today:

Belfast: 028 9002 2371

London: 020 3051 5060



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