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Professional Negligence

If you feel that you have been the victim of professional negligence you should contact us right away for legal advice. Our dedicated professional negligence solicitors in London and Belfast will provide you with all the advice you need and establish whether you can make a claim.

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What is Professional Negligence?

Professional Negligence is the legal term for conduct which falls below the standard expected of a reasonable person in similar circumstances. It is part of the civil law that a claimant must show the person in breach has a legal responsibility and caused a claimant a loss from a breach of that duty.

There are many areas of daily life where such duties exist, from doctor and patient to solicitor and client. Duties of trust often exist where you place trust in the hands of professionals who then fail to meet the standards of skill and care in the performance of the required service.

What Our Professional Negligence Solicitors Can Assist With

  • Contributory Negligence Claims
  • Comparative Negligence Claims
  • Mixed Contributory & Comparative
  • Gross Negligence Claims
  • Vicarious Liability Claims

Our team deal has vast experience in this field and has helped clients win compensation for Medical Negligence and much more.

Professional Negligence Solicitors

Why Choose Oracle Solicitors?

Our civil litigation team can assist with all aspects of negligence claims from establishing a claim and causation to issuing Court proceedings and obtaining the appropriate remedy.

Oracle’s team of experienced Professional Negligence Solicitors in London and Belfast successfully deal with negligence cases on a regular basis. Our proven track record of winning these cases and our reputation for top quality and fast advice is why you should choose Oracle Solicitors.

Call us today for an initial discussion with no obligation:

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