Russian Extradition Case

Russian Extradition Case

Russian Extradition Case

One of the biggest cases undertaken by Oracle Solicitors in 2017 involved an accusation of corporate fraud which could have potentially lead to our client’s extradition to Russia.

Senior District Judge Arbuthnot discharged the European Arrest Warrant against our client, Mr Avdalyan, on the grounds that his extradition to the Russian Federation was barred by extraneous considerations.

Accusation of Serious Fraud

Our client was accused of a serious, complex, corporate fraud in Russia, but we successfully argued that the request for his extradition (though purporting to be issued on account of the extradition offence) was in fact issued for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing him on account of his political opinions.

Furthermore, if extradited, he might be prejudiced at his trial or punished, detained or restricted in his personal liberty by reason of his political opinions.

Following the discharge, the Russian Federation unsuccessfully attempted an appeal.

The solicitor with the conduct of this Russian Extradition case, Ruta Mikailaite, undertook all the legal litigation tasks herself consistently. Ruta was the one and single point of contact with the client, at the client’s request from the outset of the case, owing to the fact that she spoke Russian language.

In addition to the language skills, Ruta had the required and exceptional dual experience and expertise in both complex corporate fraud, Diplomacy Politics and international law and extradition law which ensured exceptional client care, speed, economy and efficiency in dealing with this cross border and cross fields case.

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