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Ruta Mikailaite

Associate Solicitor & Crown Court Advocate

Ruta Mikailaite has a background in both criminal and civil proceedings. She has also been involved in high-profile criminal cases, some of which have set legal precedents. The high profile Russian Extradition Case is one of many examples of Ruta’s success’s.

Ruta also has vast experience in immigration law, having dealt with a broad range of immigration matters. Her expertise and diligence protects applicants and gives clients the best possible chance of success.

Ruta has a track record of extraordinary achievements in her recent career, successfully practising as a criminal and immigration solicitor. She has represented both professionals and companies in the Magistrates and Crown Court.

Ruta is a tenacious and talented lawyer who brings all of her skills and experience to bear in support of her clients.

If you would like to make an appointment with Ruta regarding a criminal or immigration matter call us today on 020 3051 5060.