Ruta MikailaiteHead of Extradition

Ruta Mikailaite
areas of expertise
  • Criminal Law
  • Crisis Management
  • Crown Court
  • Extradition Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Immigration
  • Magistrates Court
  • Pre-Charge Representation and Proactive Defence
  • Serious Fraud
accreditations and memberships
  • Higher Court Criminal Advocacy Qualified
  • Duty Solicitor
  • The Law Society
  • Extradition Lawyers Association
  • Criminal Law Friendly Society
  • The Criminal Law Solicitors Association
  • London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association
  • Accredited Police Station Representative

Ruta heads the Extradition Department at Oracle and is a Criminal Law specialist. As early as the 1st year at school Ruta passionately defended naughty boys by trying to show their best side to the teachers. Today Ruta is still as passionate in defending clients and uses her extensive legal knowledge acquired through 8 years of legal studies and over 10 years of Legal work experience.

She uses a creative approach when setting case strategy, trial tactics or mitigation. She graduated Law University with distinction and is very keen to sharpen and update her legal knowledge in the fields of Extradition and Criminal Law in various law seminars and conferences. Having trained in Corporate, Company, Contracts, Commercial, Immigration Law she is able to work on complex fraud cases and bring her knowledge in other areas of law together to achieve the best possible result for her clients.

Ruta also studied Diplomacy and International Relationships, she uses tactical diplomacy when negotiating with prosecutors. Ruta is keen not only on professional development but also on self- development and often attends various practical spiritual and psychology seminars and successfully applies various spiritual and psychological insights and methods to successfully defend her clients.

Ruta is a much sought after lawyer by Russians and Lithuanians, because of her multilingual skills and outstanding results in defending Requested persons in complex, political and, cross-jurisdictional extradition proceedings.

Ruta has achieved exceptional results in cases involving dangerous dog’s cases, various levels of fraud, sexual and violence offences, driving matters; domestic criminal and international cross jurisdictional extradition offences.

Notable cases:

  • Canada v C (2019) – The requested person’s extradition is sought pursuant to an extradition request issued by the Canadian authorities for alleged fraud in excess of $1.6 million (CAD).
  • Siwak v Poland (2019) – Extradition – Private and family life – Balancing exercise
  • P. v USA (2019) – Extradition – International conspiracy to commit complex and high-value cyberfraud
  • Stumbre v Lithuania (2019)
  • Lloyd v Canada (2019) – Wanted for a large scale of white collar fraud
  • Chrzan v Poland (2019) 
  • Bartulis, Dauksas, Manovas, Kmitas, Ostapec, Butinavicius v Lithuanian – Case arguing Lithuanian Prison Conditions
  • Ezeameka v Italy – Extradition – Drug Trafficking
  • Orsos and Resmuves v Hungarian
  • Sungailaite v Lithuania 

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