Successful Application for Leave to Remain

Our client recently received her Biometric Residence Permit after we helped her with a successful application for Leave to Remain in the UK. This was a huge result for the client and ourselves due to the nature of her immigration history and current circumstances.

Our Clients History

After legally entering the UK over a decade ago on a work permit dependant visa, our client created a new life for herself. She worked continuously since her arrival, paid her taxes and never claimed benefits from the state.

In 2015 her visa expired and she began having problems with her immigration status including a period of detention in an immigration detention centre- an experience that caused her a lot of trauma.

Our client had also started a family in the UK and is now the mother of a young child, who is a British citizen. She has also been in a relationship with her partner, a British citizen who runs his own business in the UK.

If our client had been made leave the UK, she would have been leaving behind her child and partner which would have been devastating for everyone involved. As she cared for her child all day while her partner ran his company, the child would have lost its only carer. She also could not bring them back to her home nation as they would have had no job, home or means to survive.

Successful Application for Leave to Remain

After gathering all the evidence possible, which included several witness statements to confirm the relationship between our client, her partner and child, Oracle Solicitors Immigration solicitor Ronald Sempebwa helped submit an application to the Home Office.

After a 5 month wait our client was recently granted further leave to remain in the UK on the basis of her family life within the UK.

Client Feedback

Naturally, she was delighted to be able to remain in the UK with her family and left very kind feedback regarding how her case was dealt with:

“I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the work and support you have provided for my case! I am extremely grateful and very happy that I can now be able to visit my family in my country.”

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