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Sunny Rana


Sunny Rana deals with all aspects of civil litigation and dispute resolution as well as non-contentious matters with a commercial focus.

His areas of practice include commercial contracts/contractual disputes, commercial property transactions/disputes, and professional negligence claims.

Sunny has been with Oracle Solicitors in London for almost 4 years and his client base comprises prominent companies, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals.

A few cases that Sunny has recently worked on include;

• A complex cross border corporate raiding case against a Government institution in Russia.
• A high profile Appeal relating to one of UK’s biggest Banking frauds.
• A franchising dispute with a claim for substantial damages for misrepresentation.
• A complex professional negligence claim against an established city firm.

Sunny always strives to secure the best outcome for his clients. His ability to read a situation along with his practical and meticulous approach makes him well placed to do this.

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