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Xhei Shkëmbi

Xhei is a lawyer based in our Tirana office, bringing a strong legal background from the University of Tirana.

With a specialization in defending airlines against passenger disputes and complex legal matters, Xhei brings a wealth of expertise to this intricate field. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced by airlines make her a highly sought-after legal professional in the industry. She demonstrates exceptional proficiency in conducting thorough legal research, skillfully constructing compelling arguments, and meticulously collecting and analyzing client documentation. Her ability to navigate the complexities of aviation law is a testament to her commitment and diligence.

Beyond her legal acumen, Xhei is known for her exceptional interpersonal skills and effective communication abilities. Her affable nature allows her to build strong rapport with clients, earning their trust and confidence. She seamlessly collaborates with senior lawyers, leveraging their expertise to continually enhance her own legal skills and competencies.

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