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Breach of Directors Duties

Company directors are responsible for promoting the interests of the company. The Companies Act 2006 codified the following fiduciary duties of directors:

These duties are owed to the company. As a result, only the company will be able to enforce them (subject to the exceptions such as consent, approval or authorisation by members). When more than one duty above applies, the director must comply with each of them.  

If a company director breaches one or more of the above duties, they could face civil action and, in some cases, criminal proceedings. Whilst a director may be liable through contract and tort law, an executive director may owe additional duties to the company in their capacity as an employee.

Even though the duties are owed to the company only, members and liquidators (among others) may have certain claims against a director in breach.

For a director in breach, there is certain relief available from liability. Curative actions shall be taken promptly after the breach in order to minimise the extent of the director’s liability.

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