Computer and Internet Crime

Computer and Internet Crime

Our experienced criminal team have in-depth knowledge of both technology and the law involved in computer and internet crime (Cyber Crime) and we will work to protect your best interests in ensuring the best possible outcome.

When necessary, we will instruct and work closely with forensic IT experts and possess our own in-house technology to process evidence.

Types of Computer and Internet Crime

A crime involving computers and the internet is also known as ‘cyber-crime’. There is a huge variety of different types of these crimes and they are increasing as technology develops.

Below are a number of common examples:

The Rise of Cyber-Crime

The growth of the internet has had a profound impact on everyday life and the global economy. However, the internet also poses new and growing threats because this rapid growth has been matched by a huge rise in cyber-crime.

The UK government has recently ranked cyber-crime as the foremost threat to national security; stating that sponsored attacks could threaten the UK political and economic systems.

Our Cyber Crime Solicitors

If you have been arrested or suspect that you might be arrested for a computer crime or internet fraud, you will need immediate expert help. Also, if you are at risk of extradition our expert Extradition Lawyers will be able to provide clear advice.

Our Cyber Crime Solicitors have a reputation for developing the tactics necessary to successfully defend clients in these cases. Cyber cases are extremely complicated which is why you will need expert advice, so get in contact with us without any delay.


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