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Separation Agreements

Our team of expert solicitors in London and Belfast have a wealth of experience with assisting clients with their separation agreements. The fast and friendly advice they provide is well renowned so you can be assured of a service that is second to none.

Call us today so that we can help find the best solution for you and to ensure that there is minimal disruption inflicted on your everyday life.

What are Separation Agreements?

Although your relationship may have broken down, divorce or dissolution is not the only option. Whilst for the majority of couples a divorce or dissolution is the sensible way to formalise their separation, it is certainly not the be all and end all.

There are various reasons why some couples would seek to enter a separation agreement, for example:

Why choose us?

We also recognise that couples may just not be ready to take that final step.

When considering whether to divorce or separate, our team of specialist divorce lawyers can discuss with you the advantages or disadvantages of each option.

If you do not want to divorce but wish to separate your finances, we can help you to agree to the terms of a separation agreement, setting out the agreed division of the family’s assets at the time of separation.  We can also obtain a judicial separation from the court which, although bringing to an end your obligations as a spouse, does not terminate the marriage.


Ercan is an experienced litigation lawyer and since joining the company in 2017 he has continuously built and grown Oracle Solicitors’ litigation department.

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