Court Martial

Court Martial

Oracle is experienced in all aspects of military discipline matters. In particular, we can assist any serving or retired personnel in the following circumstances:

Service Police Interviews

If you are requested to attend an interview with the Royal Military Police, the Royal Air Force Police, the Royal Navy Police or the Special Investigation Branch then please do not hesitate to contact Alex Rynn on 07495855122. We can arrange representation under the Legal Aid Scheme to attend your interview under caution for free, irrespective of your rank. Having proper legal advice at this stage can often prevent the matter escalating any further and speed up the investigation, thus reducing the potential for adverse career implications.

Summary Dealings

If you are charged with an offence and advised that the case is going to be dealt with by your Commanding Officer then please get in touch with us as a matter of urgency. You should be given at least 48 hours between the Charges being given to you and your hearing. We will be happy to review the papers, advise you on the relevant law and most importantly discuss the pros and cons of electing Court Martial should you wish to contest the charge.

Summary Appeals

If you have been either been found guilty, sentenced or both by your Commanding Officer and you are unhappy with the outcome then please let us know. We can advise you on completing the correct paperwork to apply to the Summary Appeal Court and represent you in these proceedings under the Legal Ad scheme.

Court Martials

If you have been told that your case is going to be heard at a Court Martial then please do not delay in speaking to us. We will be happy to review the evidence, discuss the matter either on the telephone or in person and apply for Legal Aid for you. We will then be in a position to represent you during all the proceedings and work towards gaining the best possible outcome for you.

Court Martial Appeal Court

If you are dissatisfied with a decision of the Court Martial then we can provide clear and robust advice on Appealing any decision to the Higher Court.

Why Choose Oracle

Alex Rynn is a very experienced Court Martial specialist, who has represented numerous Service Personnel from all 3 Services both in the UK and abroad. As a Solicitor Advocate he can both prepare your case and represent you during any Court hearing. He has attended hundreds of military interviews and is a very experienced advocate in the Military Court Centres.

We have offices in central London meaning that any appointments to see Alex can be easily organised by your DAO.

Alex trained under Mr Gilbert Blades, and was one of the very few Solicitors the Mr Bades personally supervised during his early career. Mr Blades has now retired but Alex has taken on his passion for seeking justice for Service Personnel and will leave no stone unturned in this pursuit.

Alex comes from a very strong military background, his father was a Lt Col in the Green Howards and he enjoyed a stint in the Officer Training Corp whilst at University. He understands the military ethos and equally as importantly the lingo so you won’t need to translate your instructions into civvy speak. He is equally as happy representing the most junior rank as the senior members of the chain of command.

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