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Our Wills and Probate lawyers are highly experienced and understand the sensitivities surrounding the topic. It is always difficult when a loved one dies but the administration need not add to the emotional stress.

Our experienced lawyers deal with these types of cases with tact and diplomacy to achieve the best results for you.

Areas of Wills & Probate Expertise

Our Wills and Probate lawyers have a wealth of experience dealing with the estate and estate planning of our clients.

Wills and Trust Planning

It can be extremely daunting writing a Will, no one wants to confront their mortality. A Will is an extremely important document that should be meticulously drafted. It can save families the torment of potential additional tax burden and arguments.

If you pass away without a Will then your estate is distributed according to intestacy. These laws could mean that your estate pays unnecessary tax or the wrong people inherit. Despite the importance of having a Will drafted, it is estimated that 59% of the adult population do not have one. Many of those with Wills have not reviewed them for years and therefore could be invalid.

If you want to make sure that your estate passes to the beneficiaries of your choosing, then you need to write a Will. You should keep it up to date to reflect your current situation. Our Wills and Probate lawyers are experts in drafting Wills and can ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes in a tax efficient manner.

Writing a Will enables you to dictate what happens and you can even use Will Trusts to ensure that your wishes continue after you have gone. Our Wills and Probate lawyers carefully draft your Will to protect property you wish to remain in the family.

We offer estate planning advice to ensure that your assets are distribute in the most tax efficient manner possible whilst reflecting your personal wishes. We discuss your estate and general objectives and then outline the most suitable tools to implement within your Will.


Our Probate lawyers are experts in estate administration. It can be extremely stressful when a loved one dies and dealing with the administration can be an additional burden. However, our Probate lawyers take the stress away and administer the estate for you, providing key advice on your situation.

You can decide whether you use our full estate administration service or just get us to apply for probate on your behalf. If our Probate lawyers conduct the full estate administration service, we:

Dealing with estate administration can be complex and can take months even years to complete.

Further services we offer:

If probate is contended and court proceedings become necessary, we advise you of your beneficial entitlement and the likelihood of success.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

With the average life expectancy rising in the UK and more people losing their mental faculties it is becoming more important to have Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) in place.

You do not have the legal right to deal with loved ones financial or medical affairs without a Lasting Power of Attorney. With the rise in dementia, increase in travel and physical sports, it is imperative that we protect our interests. Once you have a valid LPA, you gain peace of mind that your chosen attorneys can look after your affairs should you lose capacity.

Without LPAs, your loved ones cannot act without a Deputyship order, which is expensive and requires annual accounts to be lodged with the Court of Protection.

There are two types of LPA:

Our estate planning experts can help to draft and register LPAs with the Office of Public Guardian and give you peace of mind.

FAQs section

When someone dies without a Will, their estate is distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules.

If you are married without children, then the whole of your estate passes to your surviving partner.

If you are married with children then the first £270,000 of your estate passes to your surviving partner and the remained is split half to your partner and half in equal shares to your children.

Should you die unmarried then your estate is passed to your nearest blood relatives. Firstly to children, then parents, then siblings and their bloodline then half siblings.

These rules do not suit everyone and getting a valid Will guarantees that the right people inherit. Call us today on 020 3051 5060.

A Will trust is a trust that arises from a Will. The trust is drafted in the Will and is used to control how assets are passed to your loved ones. 

The trust becomes active on your death, with the named trustees required to implement and manage the trust on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Will trusts can help you to protect your assets. If you need more information then call us on 020 3051 5060.

For a Will to be legally valid, you must be an adult, have made it being of sound mind, it being in writing and it must be signed by you in the presence of two independent witnesses.

A Grant of Probate is the legal permission for the executors to administer the Will. The Will is submitted to the Probate Registry and the Grant of Representation is then provided.

If there is no Will then it is known as Letters of Administration.

If you need support with applying for a Grant of Probate then get in touch with our team today.


Lasting Powers of Attorney allow your trusted loved ones and confidants to act on your behalf should you lose capacity.

Without one, your loved ones are required to apply for Deputyship Orders to manage your affairs. These orders are more expensive and less flexible.

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