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Sexual Offences

Being accused of a sexual offence can have long-term, devastating effects on your personal life, your family and your career. 

The stigma that surrounds such offences makes it essential that you seek specialist legal advice to ensure that any damage to your reputation is kept to a minimum.

Our criminal defence team in London and Belfast have 50+ years experience dealing with sex crime allegations such as rape, grooming, historical abuse and possession of indecent images. Contact us today for the pro-active defence that you need!

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Types of Sexual Offence

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience dealing with allegations involving:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Possession of indecent images
  • Historical sexual abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Sharing private images or videos (“Revenge Porn”)

Defending Allegations of Sexual Offences

Many of our clients have never been accused of a crime before and have good reputations in the community, therefore an allegation of a sex crime can put enormous stress on the defendant.

We defend our clients tirelessly but in a discreet manner so as to minimise damage to their lives. The attention to detail provided by our lawyers is second to none.

Our expert sex crime team will take a pro-active approach and gather all the necessary evidence to help with your case.

What to do if accused of a Sexual Offence?

The importance of seeking help from our criminal defence lawyers, who specialise in sexual offence cases, cannot be stressed enough.

If you have been accused of any type of sex crime, contact our London or Belfast office today. Our solicitors will ensure that reputational damage is kept to a minimum during this worrying time.

Get in touch today for expert advice:
London: 020 3051 5060
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We Cover: 

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Child abuse
  • Historical abuse
  • Trafficking
  • Sharing indecent and private images/videos
  • Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPOs)
  • Sexual Risk Orders (SROs)
  • Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (SHPOs)






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