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Divorce: Do I need a solicitor?

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Divorce is among the hardest experiences a person can go through in life. While each divorce differs, almost all contain difficult situations and questions – no matter how amicable. Usually, the two biggest issues are financial interests and child custody that typically require the input of an expert divorce solicitor.

Some people like to leave everything down to a divorce solicitor, while others prefer to only involve the divorce lawyer in specific areas of the divorce and not others. In either case, a good place to start is to assess the pros and cons of using divorce solicitor to determine what’s best for you and your situation.


divorce solicitor has experience negotiating the complex issues that often arise when going through a divorce, such as childcare schedules, property and division of assets. They are experienced in the legalities surrounding these matters and can help to streamline a process that may otherwise take months or even years to agree.

Using a divorce lawyer means having the support of an impartial third party. Obtaining input from someone who has no emotional connection to your case ensures fair and unbiased representation, resulting in a clear and realistic outcome. It can also take stress away from a couple as they go through a divorce.

Divorce is a long process, even for those well-schooled in current legislation, and being able to transfer the responsibility to a qualified professional can, and does, provide genuine peace of mind to many divorcing couples. It is also important to keep in mind that the agreements made as part of a divorce can have lasting implications. Investing in the best advice and support may cost a little more upfront, but it may also save a significant sum of money and avoid stress in the long run.


The biggest concern for most people when thinking about hiring a divorce lawyer is the cost. The average fee for a solicitor in the UK is currently around £1200, although this figure varies greatly depending on the complexity of circumstances and the region in which you are based. If there are no assets to divide and no areas of dispute, it may be possible to avoid seeking legal advice. But in many cases, the assets to be divided can amount to many times this figure – making it more important that a settlement is handled professionally.

It’s best to seek full representation:

  • If you have a lot of assets to spit.
  • If there is a history of domestic abuse
  • If many of the assets are in your spouse’s name
  • If you’re unsure of what you’re owed

When to seek partial representation:

  • If there are no children involved
  • If you are both equally financial independent
  • If the split is amicable
  • If you are fully aware of your spouse’s financial situation

Whatever you decide our divorce solicitors will always strive for the best possible outcome. If you have a question relating to divorce call us today on 020 3051 5060, we’re here to help.

Every care is taken in the preparation of our articles. However, no responsibility can be accepted to any person who acts on the basis of information contained in them alone. You are recommended to obtain specific advice in respect of individual cases.

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