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Insurance Claims

At Oracle Solicitors we have developed a speciality in dealing with insurance disputes. We have settled complex cases overseeing a range of insurance issues ranging from building insurance claims to flood and fire insurance disputes.

Please contact our specialist team to assess and advise whether you have legal recourse if your insurer is refusing to meet your claim. With extensive experience, we have learnt how to make this time-consuming process as efficient and painless as possible.

We can provide advice on obtaining insurance products and policy wordings as well as insurance regulation and advice on captive agreements.

Our expert team can assist with the following:

How we can help

If you have an insurance dispute and not sure how to proceed, please contact us to identify whether you can make a claim against the insurers. Contact Oracle Solicitors today on 020 3051 5060 or leave your message to schedule a consultation with our experienced legal experts.


If you encounter challenges or disputes during the insurance claims process, consider the following:

Review the Policy: Carefully review your insurance policy to ensure you understand your rights and obligations. Pay attention to the claims process, timelines, and any dispute resolution procedures outlined in the policy.

Seek Professional Advice: We are experts in insurance disputes and our experience provides your business with guidance.

Engage in Communication: Maintain open and regular communication with your insurance provider. Clearly articulate your concerns, provide any additional information requested, and seek clarification on any issues. We can assist with communication with your insurer.

When defending an employment claim, several potential outcomes can arise, including:

Success: If your defence is successful, the claim may be dismissed, and no further action will be taken against your business. The employee’s allegations will be deemed unfounded or lacking sufficient evidence.

Settlement: In some cases, parties may choose to settle the employment claim through negotiation or mediation. This involves reaching an agreement that satisfies both parties’ interests, potentially avoiding the need for further legal proceedings.

Tribunal Decision: If the claim proceeds to an employment tribunal, a decision will be made based on the evidence presented. The tribunal may either uphold the claim, partially uphold it, or dismiss it entirely. Depending on the outcome, your business may be required to pay compensation or face other consequences.

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