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Data protection disputes

Our specialist Data Protection solicitors are here to assist you if you have suffered financially or emotionally due to an organisation mishandling your personal data. Organisations collect and hold a significant amount of sensitive personal information and it must be stored responsibly.

The Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act set out a number of principles to guide the collection, processing, storage, and use of personal data by both public and private sector organisations. These rules are set out to protect you and your personal data. However, public bodies such as the NHS, the police and local authorities are sometimes in breach of these rules and put you at risk by:

Your rights are in serious breach if public or a private sector organisation commits any of these acts.

How we can help

Please contact our Data Protection specialists to assist and advise you of your rights to ensure that mistakes are rectified and compensation is received for emotional destress and financial loss. Contact Oracle Solicitors today on 020 3051 5060 or leave your message to schedule a consultation with our experienced legal experts.


Data protection disputes can arise in various scenarios involving the mishandling, unauthorised access, or misuse of personal data.

When personal data is compromised due to unauthorised access, hacking, or system vulnerabilities, individuals affected may have legal claims against the company responsible for safeguarding their data.

Companies that fail to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other applicable data protection laws may face legal actions, penalties, or investigations by regulatory authorities.

Further, customers have certain rights regarding their personal data, such as the right to access, rectify, or erase their information. If you fail to comply with these rights, your customers may initiate disputes or complaints against you.

Disputes can arise when you collect, process, or share personal data without appropriate consent or fail to provide transparent privacy policies.

To mitigate the risk of data protection disputes, businesses can take several proactive steps:

  • Compliance with Data Protection Laws
  • Robust Data Security Measures
  • Transparent Privacy Practices
  • Regular Staff Training
  • Incident Response Plan

By taking proactive measures to protect personal data, businesses can reduce the likelihood of disputes and demonstrate a commitment to data protection compliance, thereby fostering trust with customers, clients, and regulatory authorities.


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