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Commercial Contracts

Contracts are an essential legal instruments to protect your intellectual property and the management of your relationships and your cashflow.

Our Commercial team has extensive experience in drafting, reviewing, negotiating and advising on a wide range of commercial arrangements. A written commercial contract is legally binding by the parties unless the court says otherwise. They establish clear expectations, outline legal risks, protect your interests and outline liabilities. Our experienced commercial solicitors provide robust tailored contracts to ensure your business can reach its strategic goals and operate effectively whilst minimising any potential risks.

Commercial contracts practice areas

We have extensive experience in drafting and advising on a range of contracts. We have listed some of the areas our commercial solicitors can assist you with:

It is important to contact us at an early stage to avoid any dispute and litigation. Our commercial solicitors will assist and advise you throughout your case, whether it is at the negotiating, drafting or reviewing stage.

How we can help

Having carefully drafted contracts can save you future fuss. Contact Oracle Solicitors today on call 020 3051 5060 or leave your message to schedule a consultation with our experienced business lawyers. We are dedicated to helping you review and draft contracts that are tailored to your business’ needs.


Ensure your contract meets your business needs and objectives by including essential elements. The contract should include the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, payment terms, confidentiality clauses, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Aligning your contract with your specific goals is crucial and therefore a contract should be unique.

We get to know you and your business and combine that with our detailed knowledge of the law. We then draft tailored contracts to meet your needs and protect your interests.

We use strategies for safeguarding your business interests during contract negotiations. We negotiate favourable terms, minimise risks, establish performance indicators, secure warranties and indemnities, define milestones, and address contingencies.

By understanding the key success indicators for all the parties and defining your strengths we can negotiate terms from a solid platform.

We adapt your contracts to reflect your evolving business objectives. By taking steps such as conducting regular contract reviews, incorporating flexibility provisions, and staying updated with legal developments we can future proof your relationships.

Our lawyers protect clients from the commercial consequences of entering contracts. We advise on lifecycle contract management and proper approval mechanisms.

There are several pitfalls when drafting contracts, these include: ambiguous language, inadequate risk allocation, non-compliance with laws and regulations, weak dispute resolution mechanisms, incomplete terms, and insufficient protection of intellectual property rights. This is not an indicative list but by getting a legal expert to draft your contracts could prevent you entering a contract that is not suitable to your commercial objectives.

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