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An injunction is a court order that requires a party to carry out a specific act (mandatory injunction) or to refrain from doing a specified act (prohibitory injunction).

The High Court has the discretion to grant an injunction “in all cases in which it appears to the Court to be just and convenient to do so”.

Precautionary Injunctions & More

Precautionary (or Quia Timet) injunction is used when no wrongdoing has been committed yet. It translates as “because he fears”. This form of injunction will not be granted unless the applicant can demonstrate that a strong probability exists that, unless restrained, the respondent will act and cause the applicant permanent harm.

There are also the springboard injunctions and contra mundum injunctions. Each injunction serves a different purpose which applicants must carefully consider before making an application – otherwise it could be deemed an abuse of process.


Once the injunction has been sought and granted, the respondent must comply with it strictly. Failure of which could amount to contempt of court and may be punishable by way of confiscation of assets, fines, and/or imprisonment. 

We have a specialist team of dispute resolution solicitors who have great experience applying for and obtaining injunctions in the following areas:

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