Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility and our guiding principles

Corporate social responsibility is very important to us, as we want to do our best for our employees, clients and our community. This page outlines how we promote positive change and take responsibility of our social, environmental and economical impact.

Our guiding principles

We believe that as a business we have a corporate and social responsibility to achieve good environmental practice and provide meaningful support to our community. We further aspire to be considerate of all our employees and customers alike, and continuously operate in a sustainable manner within each area of our business.

As a part of our guiding principles it is our priority to encourage our employees, customers, suppliers and all business associates to act in an equally corporate and socially responsible manner.

By following our guiding principles we aim to deliver on our duty of care towards future generations.

Strategy Day in our London Office

The Community

Oracle Solicitors is actively supporting community investment initiatives, supporting charities, local organisations and a sports team, we are able to give back to the community of which we are a part.

Our relationships with the communities that we serve are very important to us. When developing the services offered by the business, we aim to focus on improvements to the community as a whole, rather than just for individual customers.

In line with our core values, our strategy within the community involves us having high levels of engagement with local charities and organisations.

We often provide work experience opportunities for university students, support mentoring schemes and give career advice to students considering the law as a profession.

In the past we have participated in fundraising and sponsorship events for charities such as:

  • Joy 4 Humanity, charitable donations
  • London Marathon 2019, fundraising for Access to Justice
  • Notting Hill Carnival 2019
  • London Legal Walk 2019
  • East London Athletic, sponsorship
  • London Marathon 2018, fundraising for Access to Justice
  • Notting Hill Carnival 2018