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Business is about taking risks and reaping rewards and that is why our commercial solicitors help our business clients eliminate unnecessary risks and effectively manage those that remain.

How our business and commercial solicitors help our clients

Oracle Solicitors focus on finding creative, efficient and practical solutions without exposing you to unnecessary risks. With decades of experience, we are here to help find practical solutions to your problem. Our commercial team deals with business globally at every level to provide direct advice to help our clients make informed decisions.

From human resources to alternative dispute resolution, commercial leasing to marketing & advertising, procurement options to contract drafting and negotiations, our commercial experts can help with your day-to-day legal challenges in addition to your plans for the future.

We have a commitment to providing legally robust advice, in a collaborative and informative way. We thrive when it comes to solving difficult and complex issues – our mission is to provide you with commercially astute solutions to help you meet your business plans and objectives.

Our business and commercial legal services:


Commercial contracts vary significantly from contract to contract. You should read the whole contract before signing to ensure it meets your requirements. The key elements we suggest you review are:

  • The payment terms – what you are expected to pay and when? Are there additional payments or retainers due?
  • Termination clause – look at how you can exit the agreement and what are your termination rights?
  • Liabilities – what are you liable for, and the limits of those liabilities, should you breach the terms?
  • Governing law – what is the governing law?


Our commercial team can help you understand the key terms of the contract.

Drafting a shareholders agreement can be extremely complex and it is best to get advice from one of our experts. However, prior to getting an agreement drafted you should think of the areas that are important to the shareholders. These can include:

  • Dividends
  • Employment status as a director
  • Influence
  • Protection of minority shareholders
  • Valuation of the shares
  • Voting powers


You should further look at the areas that you wish for the shareholders agreement to cover such as the process of transferring or selling of shares.

Terms and conditions should make clear:

  • what you are selling
  • the price of sale
  • payment terms
  • the provisions of sale
  • termination
  • insurance and risk
  • intellectual property rights
  • liabilities
  • indemnities
  • data protection
  • consumer rights


If you need a terms and conditions of sale drafted call us today on 020 3051 5060.

Commercial disputes can become expensive and time consuming without a proper process in place to review and assess.

Firstly, you should review the terms of the agreement and whether either party has defaulted on terms. Then assess the loss and try and negotiate an amicable solution.

Prior to pursuing legal recourse, you must follow appropriate alternative dispute resolution.

If you are in a commercial dispute, then call us today on 020 3051 5060.

Intellectual property rights are the legal rights to ideas or creations of the mind. They can include stories, designs, inventions, software and much more.

Get in touch if you need Intellectual Property advice.

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