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Employment Law

Employment law is a complex area that is constantly changing. At Oracle we can provide expert advice and assistance on the full range of issues involved.

Our Employment solicitors have considerable experience advising individuals and organisations (including SMEs, trade unions, local authorities and larger private companies) on a wide range of employment matters; from terms and conditions of employment to complex employment tribunal claims and outsourcing and restructuring projects.

Experience of advising both employees and employers give us a greater insight into, and understanding of, the tactics and drivers for achieving solutions.

We understand that clients need clarity and transparency on the issue of costs. Therefore we have a range of fee options depending on the nature of the advice and assistance required. For further information in relation to costs in employment tribunal cases please click here.

Our employment law services

Services for Employers

The specialist employment solicitors at Oracle have many years’ experience advising organisations in a wide range of sectors (including healthcare, fashion, leisure, financial services, and IT) in both the private and public sector.

Services we offer for employers include:

We understand that resolution of an employment issue is not just about the financial cost of defending a single claim. Reputational implications and ensuring appropriate measures are put in place to best equip an organisation going forward can often be at least as important to many employers.

Services for Employees

We advise staff at all levels (including directors, professionals, managers, administrative staff, and manual workers) on a range of employment matters.

For example:

We offer an initial fixed-fee consultation, in which we can discuss the merits of your case, the potential compensation value (if applicable) and the fee options should you decide to take your matter further. 


Every business is different and therefore the policies and procedures differ. Your company needs to consider the recruitment policy as well as the equal opportunities policy.

Further, you need to consider the Health and Safety of your workforce, disciplinary and grievance procedures. Depending on the the type of business, you may wish to consider flexible working, training and development, social media and email policies.

Our experts can advise you on what policies are required and should be implemented.

If you have been dismissed your employer must give you a valid reason and show that they have acted reasonably. Further, the action must be consistent and thoroughly investigated.

If you have worked for the company for two years, you can request the dismissal in writing, which must be supplied within 14 days.

Remember to check your contract for your notice period.

If you have been dismissed or threatened with dismissal get in touch with our employment experts.

If your employer has not got a good reason for dismissing you or that they have failed to follow the company’s disciplinary procedure then you may be able to take legal action.

Get in touch with our team and we can review your circumstances and explain the next steps.

Types of common claims include:

  • Requests for flexible working
  • Refusing to remove breaks from working day
  • Maternity or paternity leave requests
  • Joining a trade union
  • Taking part in legal industrial action
  • Having time off for jury service
  • Whistleblowing
  • Compulsory retirement

Our team can help if your are effected by any of the above. Get in touch today to organise an appointment.

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