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Oracle Solicitors Charity Day in an attempt to help the most vulnerable

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This year we decided to do things a little differently. We left the decisions on which charities and causes to support to our staff. It was incredible to hear which of the causes meant the most to each team. Our German team wanted to support trauma victims, the Italian team a children’s hospital, the Albanian team an elderly care centre and the UK team helping the most vulnerable to access legal services.

We believe that whilst the most vulnerable are suffering during the cost-of-living crisis that those that can, should, help. Our staff stood up and decided that they would help, some financially, some by baking cakes and others by donating that which is most precious, time.

We wanted to share some of it here:

Albania – Eldercare Centre in Tirana

Our Albanian team did not donate money but their time. The office decided that they would take time out to really try and make a difference. You would be surprised just how much the residents, the staff and the centre got out of just a few hours with our staff.

We are incredibly proud of the team in Albania, they took the challenge and flipped it. They made an incredible difference to people at a time when they most need it.

The team baked, cooked, entertained and generally supported with a smile the elderly residents at the centre. Thanks to the Albanian team for really pushing to support the policies and beliefs here at Oracle Solicitors.

Germany – supporting Trauma und Opferzentrum Frankfurt e.V.

Our German team made cakes and collected donations from the office. Not only did they make some delicious looking cakes but managed to support a great cause. Sinja Hensel and Dilan Ercan also organised the distribution of leaflets helping to disseminate the great work of the Trauma Centre among the offices surrounding ours.

The trauma and victim centre in Frankfurt provides vital support and advice to those that have experienced something highly traumatic. We all need to work on our mental wellbeing and sometimes our experiences mean we need help. But without support, some of the vital mental health organisations, like Trauma und Opferzentrum, might not be able to help as many people.

The connection to the office is that the centre work closely with victims of crime and provide support throughout any criminal or court processes. Our lawyers believe in helping trauma victims achieve justice; and the centre provides them with the confidence to achieve it.

Italy - Children’s Ward at Policlinic Umberto I in Naples

Our Italian team decided to support the Children’s Ward at Policlinic Umberto I in Naples. They wanted to help put smiles back on to children’s faces. Our donations helped to support the hospital supplying arts and crafts and laptops for the children.

Some of the children are long term ill and therefore varied entertainment is essential. The equipment will also support the motor skills development on top of giving them a vital communication. Research has shown that creative and interactive activities help to speed up recovery.

UK – the Great Legal Bake

In conjunction with the Great Legal Bake event, our team organised several initiatives to help the most vulnerable have access to legal support.

The nature of the system means that the poorest and most vulnerable in society are denied access to legal counsel simply because they cannot afford it. Poverty has grown in recent years, while support services have weakened.

The Great Legal Bake is a fantastic and fun way to raise funds to support specialist advice centers, which is more essential now than ever before.

There were over 50 organised bake sales that took place around the UK last year at small businesses, chambers, law schools, courts, and advice agencies. This managed to raise over £5,000 between all of them. Here is to beating that total this year.

The Access to Justice Foundation strategically distributes funds to local advice agencies and charities so that those most in need can access legal advice. Personal thanks to Martin Thompson and Janine Goodhall for their hard work, whilst Ancia Hussain was principal cake baker.

If you want to work with an ethical law firm that likes to give back then get in touch or visit our services page.

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Alessio, with the Marketing team, strives to help colleagues excel with client care, while also keeping the firm ‘on the pulse’ regarding the most critical...

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