Strategy Day and the importance of Teamwork

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Culture is the environment that surrounds us all the time. Workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, attitudes and the set of assumptions that people in a workplace share. A positive culture in the workplace is essential for fostering a sense of pride and ownership amongst employees.

When people take pride, they invest their future in the organisation and work hard to create opportunities that will benefit the organisation. By identifying and rewarding those who are actively striving towards creating a positive work culture and supporting others around them, companies can encourage others to do the same.

Here at Oracle, we scored highly in our satisfaction and lifestyle surveys. Our happy firm culture comes from a pleasing mix of heart-warmingly familiar factors: nice colleagues, a decent work/life balance, good communication, teamwork, a bubbly social life, and career development opportunities.

An important part of our culture is having smart solicitors, but also good people. Furthermore, where social activities are “ingrained in the culture,” there is enough socialising, but no huge expectation to spend loads more time away from your personal life.

Alessio Pellegrini

Alessio, with the Marketing team, strives to help colleagues excel with client care, while also keeping the firm ‘on the pulse’ regarding the most critical issues affecting our clients’ lives.

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