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What is new in immigration law in 2022?

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This spring sees a litany of new immigration rules as part of the government’s ‘UK Innovation Strategy’. The changes are intended to maintain the UK’s status as one of the “go to” locations for global business. 

The Autumn 2021 Budget announced much needed changes to make it easier for business to access global talent. 

Our immigration team has assessed the expected new changes and routes from Spring 2022. 

Sponsorship licences

It has become more important that companies have sponsorship licences, especially after Brexit. If your business wants access to the brightest European and global workers, then you must have a sponsorship license. The Home Office has announced that they are likely to put more compliance in place to ensure that licensees maintain supervisory roles despite the onset of remote working. 

Scale-Up Visa

This visa category is expected to help business attract that talent without the need for a sponsor. 

Who qualifies for the scale-up visa?

Companies are required to be an approved ‘scale-up’ business, which is demonstrated by having a 20% employment growth over the past three years or annual average revenue growth overall. Further, they must have a minimum of 10 employees. 

The applicant must have an offer of at least £33,000 and meet the English language requirement. 

This route benefits SMEs, providing access to global talent, without the need for a formal sponsor. The applicant has a route to settlement after five years. 

Global Business Mobility Visa

This route is intended to incorporate some of the current business routes such as the Representative Visa route. Businesses will have more flexibility on how to move personnel to the UK. This route should allow overseas companies to send a team of personnel to set up a UK branch or subsidiary.  

High Potential Individual Visa

Although the details have only just been released on the new high potential individual route, it is expected that a holder will be allowed to work and live in the UK without sponsorship and could lead to settlement. The intention is to give graduates with top qualifications from top universities the chance to come to the UK and start applying for roles here. 

Tier 1 Investment Visa

This route closed on 17th February 2022 after the concerns raised about the source of some of the funds. The government intends to focus on developing business routes to encourage investment rather than being reliant on high-net-worth individuals. 

How can our immigration team help?

Our immigration experts have years of experience helping our clients navigate the complicated immigration rules. We can help you to submit your application whilst supporting you throughout the process. 

If you need advice on any of the above, then get in touch with our team or call on 020 3051 5060. 

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