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Work Experience at Oracle Solicitors – by Courtney Doherty

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Courtney Doherty, second-year LLB Law with Queens University Belfast

From start to finish Oracle Solicitors has been an exceptional, motivating and rewarding experience.

Oracle Solicitors has revealed to me the professional, productive but most of all welcoming nature of working in a solicitors office. Daily I would observe as each member of the Oracle team would be compassionate towards their clients yet work at the greatest standard and speed to resolve a wide variety of issues. The firm is undoubtedly unique and time and time again prove their expertise through their accomplishments.

Participating in work experience in the Oracle Belfast office, was hands-on from the beginning and throughout. I was encouraged to use all aspects of my legal knowledge whilst researching for laws and regulations surrounding certain cases. For example, when dealing with an immigration matter, I would research the relevant law and ensure that the report I presented was within the guidelines of the Home Office.

At all times, all members were more than happy to be a helping hand and ensured I felt completely comfortable during my stay at the office. I was taught many valuable lessons that will be of great use in my future career path from the different roles that are represented in the Belfast office. This would include becoming more aware of the different roles and the members’ daily tasks.

From the outset, it was apparent that the work here at Oracle Solicitors touches a lot of people’s lives. The nature and tone of the Oracle team were of a calm and approachable nature, because of this, it was common to see people walking away from consultations with a smile on their face. It was truly a delight to have had the opportunity to be a part of Oracle Solicitors for a temporary period and see how such a fantastic team work together to provide the best possible service to all clients.

I am extremely grateful to have gained such relevant and useful experience from a prestigious office such as Oracle Solicitors.

Alessio Pellegrini

Alessio, with the Marketing team, strives to help colleagues excel with client care, while also keeping the firm ‘on the pulse’ regarding the most critical...

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