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New UK Immigration Skills Charge Exemptions and EU Automated Entry/Exit System Updates

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At Oracle Solicitors, we understand how important it is for businesses and individuals to stay up-to-date with the latest immigration laws and policies. In recent updates, the UK Home Office has introduced a new exemption to the Immigration Skills Charge, while the European Union has announced the implementation of a new automated information technology Entry/Exit System. 

UK Introduces a New Exemption to Immigration Skills Charge

The UK Home Office has recently updated the exemptions to the Immigration Skills Charge. Effective from January 1, 2023, the new exemption applies to Global Business Mobility: Senior or Specialist Workers who are assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship. Under this new guidance, Senior or Specialist Workers who are EU nationals or Latvian non-citizen passport holders and are sponsored to work in the UK for up to three years will not be required to pay the Immigration Skills Charge if they are currently working at one of the sponsor’s offices in the European Union or for a linked business in the European Union.  

This exemption will come as a relief to employers bringing current European employees to the United Kingdom for short-term assignments. The Immigration Skills Charge currently costs £1,000 per year for large sponsors and £364 per year for small sponsors, which means businesses can potentially save up to £3,000 per migrant in the future. 

On the other hand, the exemption for Global Business Mobility – Graduate Trainee has been removed from the list of exemptions and is now subject to the Immigration Skills Charge. 

EU Introduces New Automated Information Technology Entry/Exit System

The European Union has announced the introduction of a new automated information technology Entry/Exit System, which will be operational from 2022. The system will be used to track the entry and exit of non-EU nationals at the EU’s external borders. 

This new system will replace the existing manual stamping process, and it is expected to enhance border security, facilitate the border crossing process, and reduce waiting times for travellers. The system will also provide information on overstays, which will help to improve the management of irregular migration. 

EU Launches New Entry/Exit System (EES) for Enhanced Border Control

The European Union has announced the launch of a new automated Entry/Exit System (EES) from May 2023. The EES is an IT-based system that will register travellers from third countries, including visa holders and visa-exempt travellers, every time they cross an external border of the EU. The system will replace the current manual stamping of passports, which is time-consuming and does not provide reliable data on border crossings.  

The EES will record the name, travel document type, biometric data (fingerprints and facial images), and the date and place of entry and exit. 

The EES is expected to improve the border crossing experience for bona fide travellers by making use of automated border control checks and self-service systems that are quicker and more comfortable. It will also enable authorities to monitor online records and track refusals of entry, over-stayers, and document and identity fraud cases. The new system will help prevent irregular migration and protect the security of European citizens. 

The European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security, and justice (eu-LISA) is responsible for developing and managing the EES. The system will operate in full compliance with fundamental rights and data protection regulations. 

Our immigration experts have years of experience helping our clients navigate the complicated immigration rules. We can help you to submit your application whilst supporting you throughout the process. If you need advice on any of the above, then get in touch with our team by email at [email protected] or by calling on 020 3051 5060.  

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