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Suspended Sentence for Multiple Fraud Charges

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Oracle Solicitors gained a result of a suspended sentence in a case recently where custody seemed very likely to the client. After being caught committing multiple fraud offences using his female friend’s credit card totalling to an amount of £6,390, our client was eventually caught when he tried to purchase a Rolex watch using the victim’s card.

How the card details were stolen

Our client was out socialising with friends in a late night venue when he met a female friend. After they had struck up a conversation, they spent the evening in each other’s company along with some of the female victim’s friends.

At some point in the evening, our client saw the female use her Garanti bank Turkish Airways credit card and memorised her pin number. He has then proceeded to remove the credit card at some point during their time together before all parties go their separate ways in the early hours of the morning.

Fraud Offences

Using the stolen credit card, a short while after this, our client made the first fraudulent transaction in the form of a £500 cash withdrawal from a cashpoint machine. Later that day, he went to the Harrods store in Knightsbridge and purchased a Leica camera to the value of £5890 again using the female’s credit card.

Whilst in the same store, he then attempted to purchase a Rolex watch to the value of £12,400. However as our client had already met the card’s daily limit of £6,000, the transaction was declined. Nevertheless, Harrods staff were made suspicious by the fact that he declined to provide any further ID when asked and simply took the card and walked away. Staff were also said to have been suspicious by the haste in which he selected a watch of such high value which he intended to buy.

Harrods’ security staff were made aware of this and proceeded to monitor the accused (by CCW) as he is seen to leave Harrods and enter a nearby watch shop where he is said to have made further attempt to purchase an expensive Rolex timepiece.

The accused was then subsequently approached by Harrods security staff who asked him to return to the store for questioning. It was clearly established that the credit card was not in his name and he was also found to have the previously withdrawn £500 cash on his person.

By this point, our client has realised that he had been found out but claimed that he had paid £250 for the credit card. The police were subsequently called and the accused was duly charged.

All of the fraudulently obtain goods and cash were recovered.

Sentence Received:

The proposed sentence handed out was an 18 month suspended sentence order with the requirements of:

  • 200-250 unpaid work
  • Electronically monitored curfew for 8 weeks 9pm-5am.
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