£5000 Compensation for Accident at Work

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After suffering an accident in the workplace, our Personal Injury department helped our client secure a £5,000 settlement to help compensate for the suffering caused by the incident.

Injuries Sustained

The accident occurred when a door swung open at our client’s place of work and hit him on the head. This caused a severe laceration to his forehead which he only fully recovered from after 3 months.

He also developed a scar on his forehead which after 3 months showed no sign of improvement. After attending the doctors for surgical treatment, he was then referred to a plastic surgeon.


At the time of the incident, our client was attended to by first aiders and paramedics. He was then brought to A&E where initial treatment comprised of advice, analgesia and stitches.

For 6 weeks after the accident, our client had to take painkillers.

Losses Caused By The Accident

Our client was working part-time and also studying when he suffered this trauma. He missed 1 day of work and 1 day of studying due to the injury that he sustained.

His domestic and social life was also impaired as he found it very difficult to sleep and could not properly enjoy social events.

The Result

It was clear that our client had gone through a traumatic time. Not only had he suffered a painful injury to his head, but he also missed out on social events, work and study.

Our Head of Civil Litigation, Ercan Sami, worked diligently to ensure that he got the compensation that he deserved. The client was delighted with the result and how his case was handled from the beginning until the end.

Client’s Feedback

A few days after receiving his cheque, the client emailed Ercan with the following message:

“Hello Ercan, Thank you so much for your help in my claim. I am really happy. I can confirm that I received the cheque a few days ago. I really appreciate your efforts and the service you provide to me. I wish you all the best!”

Alessio Pellegrini

Alessio, with the Marketing team, strives to help colleagues excel with client care, while also keeping the firm ‘on the pulse’ regarding the most critical issues affecting our clients’ lives.

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