Motorcyclist Receives a £60K Settlement

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Our client was the victim of a road traffic accident, and our Personal Injury team fought to compensate for his injury and suffering in a professional and dedicated fashion.

He was stationary on his motorbike at a junction, when a vehicle hit him from the rear. Our client was thrown from his bike and remained at the scene, dazed and injured, until the police and ambulance services arrived. He had no idea the car was coming, and so was unable to brace his torso to minimise the force of deceleration.

Due to this, he suffered severe whiplash and developed a headache and earache after the accident, which at times still bother him today. The accident left him with a damaged back, neck, ankles and knees, and he had to attend physiotherapy as a consequence.

Our client’s personal life was affected, and he could no longer take part in sports activities or household chores. His profession as a driving instructor was also impaired, as he developed travel anxiety and found sitting down for too long uncomfortable. Upon examination by a medical professional, the side-effects of this terrible traffic incident could last approximately one year.

To compensate for our client’s suffering, Oracle’s Head of Civil Litigation, Ercan Sami, was able to negotiate a £60,000 settlement package.

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