Successful Appeal of Destruction of Family Dog

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Oracle Solicitors dealt with a wide variety of cases in 2017.

One case involved a pet Jack Russell puppy. These dogs are known for their overenthusiastic nature, particularly when young, and on this occasion, during a visit to our clients home by a mother and toddler, the puppy jumped up on the child, apparently causing personal injury, namely a scratch under his eye.

When the police arrived they deemed the puppy to be aggressive and detained him in kennels for just under a year. In due course, a magistrates’ court ordered the immediate destruction of the dog.

We successfully appealed against the order and the dog was returned to his family. It is more than 6 months since the puppy was released from kennels and we understand that there have been no further incidents.

Alessio Pellegrini

Alessio, with the Marketing team, strives to help colleagues excel with client care, while also keeping the firm ‘on the pulse’ regarding the most critical issues affecting our clients’ lives.

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