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Enrico Brancato

Enrico Brancato is a young lawyer who graduated in October 2018 from the University of Catania. His thesis covered in Commercial Law with the title: "the representation of the shareholder in the assembly of s.r.l.".

Subsequently, he immediately began practising law at the Studio of Prof. Avv. Renato La Rosa, where he learned to deal with the reality of the Italian Court system (from the various chancelleries to the hearings). He acquired an array of skills including the construction of legal articles that deal with the nuances of a client whilst always trying to solve their specific problems.

Also in 2018, he started a master's degree, graduating from the School of Specialisation for the Legal Professions in June 2020 with a thesis in Civil Law with the title: “il contratto fiduciario”.

Then in August 2021 Enrico obtained his master's degree for teaching in secondary schools. From December 2020 to June 2021, he in a debt collection company as a team leader. From June 2021 to August 2021, he worked with the law firm of Avv. Di Maggio. In December 2021, Enrico qualified as a lawyer and since January 2022 he has been enrolled in the Catania Bar Association.

Enrico is a commercial and civil litigation specialist that understands the nuances of a claim.


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