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Ervin Valbona

Ervin is a distinguished member of Oracle Solicitors, serving as an In-house Lawyer within the esteemed Aviation Department at the Tirana, Albania office. His illustrious career path is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the legal profession and his expertise in the intricacies of aviation law.

Before Ervin's tenure with Oracle Solicitors, he diligently honed his legal acumen as a Lawyer for B.I.A.P shpk and ANSA Company. During this tenure, Ervin specialised in providing legal and business services to a diverse clientele, including talented individuals and corporations. His ability to adeptly navigate complex legal landscapes and his knack for providing sound, business-oriented legal counsel set him apart.

Ervin Valbona possesses an exceptional ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize workloads, often requiring minimal supervision. His remarkable attention to detail and astute problem-solving abilities have proven invaluable in ensuring the seamless execution of legal strategies.

Ervin Valbona's communication skills are a cornerstone of his professional prowess. In the highly demanding realm of aviation law, he excels at conveying critical commercial information using a variety of strategies and skills. His ability to facilitate effective communication within the business environment ensures that Oracle Solicitors remains at the forefront of the legal aviation sector.

Prior to his roles at B.I.A.P shpk and ANSA Company, Ervin served as an Independent Lawyer, further enhancing his legal expertise and developing a unique perspective on the profession. His journey into the legal world began with an internship at Vega sh.p.k, an experience that provided him with valuable insights into the practical aspects of the legal field.

Ervin Valbona's linguistic proficiency is a remarkable asset in his legal career. Fluent in Albanian, English, German, and Italian, he can seamlessly navigate the intricacies of international legal matters and effectively communicate with a diverse array of clients and colleagues.

Ervin Valbona's dedication to the legal profession and his unwavering commitment to excellence make him an indispensable member of the Oracle Solicitors team. His deep knowledge of aviation law, coupled with his exceptional communication skills and linguistic abilities, position him as a formidable force in the field of legal counsel.

Ervin Valbona continues to contribute to Oracle Solicitors' reputation for legal excellence and serves as an inspiration to aspiring legal professionals in Tirana and beyond.

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