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Fatma Ozsayan

Fatma is a Commercial Solicitor at Oracle Solicitors. Fatma is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions to individuals and businesses alike.

Specialising in a diverse array of litigation areas, Fatma is renowned for her adept handling of complex legal challenges. Her expertise encompasses areas of litigation such as breach of contract claims, debt recovery, construction disputes, enforcement of court judgments, injunction applications, professional negligence claims against professional service providers, employment disputes, boundary and trespass claims, property litigation, and rent repayment order claims. Her attention to detail and a strategic approach ensures the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Further to litigation advice, Fatma offers invaluable counsel and representation to both large corporates and individuals in complex multi-jurisdictional transactions and agreements. Her keen understanding of commercial law and her ability to negotiate effectively on behalf of her clients have helped her to grow her client bank.

Fatma’s commercial experience includes contract drafting, including employment contracts, settlement agreements, tenancy agreements, and agency agreements. She helps protect her clients' interests while minimising potential risks and liabilities.


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