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Giovanni Palmieri

Giovanni is a skilled Lawyer in the Aviation department at Oracle Solicitors in Naples, Italy. He is a dedicated professional who is committed to providing exceptional legal services to his clients. His impressive educational background and experience in the legal field have equipped him with the expertise required to handle complex legal matters.

Giovanni was born and raised in Cosenza, Calabria, and attended the prestigious "Roma Tre University" in Rome, where he earned a degree in Law in 2018. During his studies, he wrote a thesis on "The civil liability of the Internet service provider," showcasing his interest in the legal principles and regulations governing the internet. He completed his internship at Studio Palmieri, a family law firm, where he developed his expertise in civil law.

In 2021, Giovanni earned his qualification to practice the legal profession. He is known for his exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, which he utilizes to help his clients navigate through their legal challenges.

To further his knowledge and expertise, Giovanni obtained a Master's degree in Business Contracts at the 24ore Business School in 2023, expanding his knowledge in the field of business law.

Giovanni’s areas of expertise include Aviation Law and Civil Law. He has a keen interest in aviation law and has been actively involved in providing legal counsel to aviation clients in Italy. He is also experienced in handling various civil law matters, including contract disputes, property rights, and family law.

He is fluent in English, having obtained the Preliminary English Test (PET) Council of Europe Level B1: English language certified by Cambridge University in 2008. His proficiency in English has enabled him to effectively communicate with his international clients and provide them with the best possible legal representation.

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