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Maria Rosaria Staiano

Maria Rosaria is a valued member of the aviation team here at Oracle Solicitors, where she brings her exceptional legal skills and experience to serve her clients. As a lawyer with a specialization in civil law, she has a deep understanding of the complexities of the legal system and is able to manage all phases of the civil process with great efficiency.

Since joining our firm, Maria Rosaria has successfully handled numerous cases in the aviation industry, demonstrating a deep understanding of the sector and its unique legal challenges. Her expertise in this area is greatly appreciated by our clients, who have come to rely on her sound legal advice and guidance.

Maria Rosaria graduated from the University of Naples Parthenope in 2009 with a degree in law and has since gained extensive experience in the legal profession. She is also a qualified as a professional mediator and has used her skills to assist clients in resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. Maria Rosaria is also adept at using the Telematic Civil Process platform, which enables her to handle legal proceedings with greater speed and efficiency.

Outside of her legal career, Maria Rosaria is deeply committed to community service. She has been involved in scouting and volunteering since childhood and serves as a chief scout educator. Further, she has a passion for the performing arts, including singing, dance, and theater, which is also a significant part of her life.

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