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Redi Tartari

Redon is an in-house Lawyer for Oracle Solicitors based in the Tirana office.  

Redon works in the litigation team helping large corporate clients to resolve consumer complaints. He has an eye for detail and strong litigation skills. He develops strategy to resolve disputes effectively. 

Redon completed his Bachelor of Law studies in Tirana, Albania. After graduation he practised his profession in an internship period for a Legal office in Tirana, where he worked as a Legal Assistant assisting two Lawyers. During this period, he gained valuable experience in civil law proceedings, judicial hearings, and disputes.  

Redon has two years of experience in Banking Law. He worked as a lawyer for a financial institution, where he gained experience in corporate law, litigation, debt settlement, dispute resolution and filing lawsuits. During that time, he represented the company in the District Court, Administrative Court, and Court of Appeal. 

He is a native speaker of the Albanian language, fluent in English, and can easily communicate in Italian or Spanish.  

Outside work, he is an art fanatic. He also enjoys reading, writing, and playing football.  

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