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Rehana Hussain

Rehana is a highly accomplished lawyer with a distinguished career spanning over 19 years. As the Senior Solicitor and Head of UK Aviation for the aviation department at Oracle Solicitors, based in our London office, Rehana brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm.

Rehana is responsible for leading the UK Aviation team. Her role encompasses a broad range of responsibilities to ensure we continue to provide quality advice to our aviation clients. She stays abreast of aviation regulations, legislation and case law and disseminates to the team. She provides legal counsel and guidance to clients, ensuring that their operations and practices adhere to relevant laws and regulations. She has a strong understanding of aviation law, exceptional analytical skills, and the ability to navigate complex legal challenges whilst ensuring she keeps the objectives of her clients at the forefront.

Rehana started her legal career in 2008 when she began practicing as a sole practitioner. She quickly established a strong reputation in the field and quickly became the Managing Director of her own law firm, which she successfully led for 12 years.

At Oracle Solicitors, Rehana leverages her extensive leadership, supervision, and organisational skills to enhance the aviation department's performance. Her deep understanding of civil litigation and dispute resolution enables her to provide comprehensive and effective legal solutions to clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Rehana is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of interests. She finds fulfillment in teaching at further education establishments, imparting her knowledge and expertise to aspiring legal professionals. Rehana is also actively involved in charitable activities, collaborating with organisations to support individuals from all backgrounds and age groups. Furthermore, she maintains a healthy lifestyle by engaging in yoga and visiting the gym regularly.

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