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Rosanna Mastropasqua

Rosanna is a dedicated and driven trainee lawyer at Oracle Solicitors, where she plays a pivotal role within the Aviation Department. Her professional journey has been marked by academic excellence, a profound commitment to the law, and a deep-seated passion for legal innovation.

A graduate of the esteemed University of Federico II of Naples, Rosanna completed her law degree with distinction. During her undergraduate years, she demonstrated exceptional aptitude by embarking on a six-month Erasmus program in the vibrant legal landscape of Paris at the University of Nanterre. This experience broadened her horizons and allowed her to gain invaluable international legal perspectives.

Rosanna's academic prowess culminated in the composition of her thesis, a seminal work in the field of Consumer Law. Her thesis delved into the intricate realm of unfair commercial practices, showcasing her analytical acumen and dedication to ensuring fairness in business dealings.

With an unwavering curiosity for the complexities of the business environment, Rosanna's professional pursuits have consistently revolved around her passion for law. Beyond her primary focus on aviation law, she actively engages in the dynamic realms of fashion law and marketing issues. Notably, she contributes thought-provoking articles to a reputable juridical online review Ius in Itinere, disseminating her insights to a wider legal audience.

In a testament to her commitment to professional growth, Rosanna achieved a significant milestone in April 2023. She successfully completed one year of criminal law training, along with a Master of Laws (LLM) at LUMSA University of Rome program in Criminal and Administrative Liability of Entities, meticulously aligned with the provisions of Dlgs 231/2001. Her concentration on the crimes and misconducts of Fashion Companies underscores her dedication to comprehensive legal expertise.

Rosanna's multilingual proficiency is an asset to the firm, as she is fluent in both English and French, facilitating seamless communication in a globalized legal landscape.

Beyond her legal pursuits, Rosanna finds solace and balance in her personal interests. A lover of nature and open-space activities, she frequently engages in outdoor pursuits such as playing tennis and participating in pilates classes. These activities not only underscore her dedication to a healthy work-life balance but also reflect her appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Rosanna also brings her exceptional organizational skills to the forefront, making her an indispensable team member in the planning and execution of events, underscores her commitment not to only to the firm but also to the broader legal community, where knowledge sharing and networking are paramount.

Rosanna is a shining example of the kind of legal talent that Oracle Solicitors prides itself on nurturing. Her academic achievements, dedication to her passions, commitment to professional development, and multilingual abilities make her an invaluable asset to the firm's Aviation Department. With a bright future ahead, Rosanna is set to continue making significant contributions to the legal field and the broader community.

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