Debt Recovery

If your organisation is owed a debt by an individual or another organisation, our specialist debt recovery solicitors in London and Belfast will assist you in recovering the debt – whether you are owed a debt for goods sold or services rendered. Contact our experienced lawyers today for advice.

When is a Debt Recovery Solicitor Needed?

Organisations and individuals often find it difficult to honour their contracts. When distributors or purchasers fail to pay your company on time, it can adversely affect your cash flow and anticipated profits, in turn inhibiting growth.

This is where our Debt Recovery Solicitors can provide their expertise. Our team is experienced in extracting payments and will also set up systems whereby your business will not have these problems again.

Having effective and efficient credit control policies is imperative to the smooth running of every business.

What our Debt Recovery Solicitors do:

When our clients are being unlawfully pursued, we vigorously defend them to ensure that they are not being pressured into paying a baseless debt. We also provide a tailored risk and credit management service for businesses who wish to put effective credit control policies in place.

We offer a comprehensive service for each client. Our lawyers take time to understand the nature of our clients’ business and their relationship with the debtors in order to provide an effective result.

Credit issues have a significant impact on businesses of all sizes. At Oracle, we understand how important it is to act quickly to recover debts owed because we know how unpaid invoices affect profits, potential profitability, and cash-flow.

Our priority is always to secure your debt and position as a creditor using the most time and cost-efficient methods to recover the outstanding monies. These methods range from issuing a statutory demand to issuing a claim at court against the debtors. At Oracle Solicitors, we seek to provide practical advice tailored to suit your commercial requirements.

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