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Family Law

Our specialist family lawyers support you through difficult and stressful separations. We provided tailored advice suited to your family situation.

Our family lawyers understand what you are going through and can take some of the stress away.

If you are facing a painful separation or difficult child arrangements, our family lawyers can help you. Where possible, we try to resolve conflict to achieve best outcome for you.  

The areas of Family Law we cover

Relationship breakdown

Whether you are married or are in a civil partnership, a relationship breakdown is equally devastating, difficult to handle and confusing for both parties. 

Oracle Solicitors lawyers are available to clarify all your concerns with respect to your children, home and/or financial matters that will have to be decided in case of a separation. 

With our help you can get expert legal advice to help you choose the right process for resolving your issues and decide about the best possible solution for you and your family.

Separation Agreements

Separation Agreement or Deed of Separation is basically a written agreement between couples who no longer wish to live together. Through this agreement, both the partners will be able to sort out issues of personal life and agree upon different associated matters such as children, properties, money and/or other assets.

This agreement clearly sets out what is expected from each of the partner after they stop living together so that there is no uncertainty in difficult times. Separation agreement is the best solution if the couple chooses to separate only instead of filing for a divorce

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Also called prenup, a pre-nuptial agreement is signed by a couple before they marry and their assets become matrimonial assets.

This agreement sets out guidelines and rules according to which they would like to divide their assets in the event of a divorce.

It is unfortunate but true that around 50% of all marriages result in a divorce and in such a situation the family courts are required to re-distribute the family assets. Hence a prenup is so important.

The agreement is very helpful in avoiding all the hassle at the Family Court as well as preventing unpredictable, unfair and uncertain decisions from the Court.


Divorce petition has to be based upon any 5 potential facts if the couple is legally married and four if they are in a civil partnership.

The couple must show that the relationship has irretrievably broken down based on one or more of the following facts: Adultery, Desertion, Unreasonable Behaviour, 2 years separation with both parties consenting to a divorce or 5 years separation.

Living apart for five years makes you eligible for filing for a divorce even if your spouse doesn’t agree with it.

Domestic Violence

To acquire legal advice the applicant will have to provide evidence of to support a claim of domestic abuse.

As evidence, the victim(s) may have to disclose injuries or conditions inflicted by domestic abuse if the abuse has been physical.

Domestic abuse could be physical, psychological, mental, sexual, emotional and/or financial.

Courts, health professionals, social services, domestic violence support services, multi-agency risk assessment conference (MARAC) and/or a refuge manager can be contacted for evidence.

Why choose Oracle Solicitors?

You must consult Oracle Solicitors for all domestic issues/disputes as we offer confidential advice to every client with efficient and effective representation. Our team includes specialists in Family Law and are capable of dealing with all sorts of family related matters. Some of the distinct features of our services include:

FAQs section

You can claim if you suffer injuries that were caused by the negligence or fault of a third party (person/ business/ organisation). A duty of care must have been owed to you and that duty must have been breached resulting in loss or injury.

The amount of compensation will vary depending on what kind of injuries you have suffered. Every case if different and our Personal Injury Specialists will walk you through each step of the process.

The vast majority of cases are settled before they go to court. However, if your case is one of the few that is to be decided at Court don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

We understand you want to best personal injury lawyers when dealing with your claim. If you are concerned with the way your claim is being dealt with you should raise this issue with your current solicitor. If you are not satisfied you may need a ‘second opinion’.

Clients who have moved their case to Oracle Solicitors have been impressed by our standard of care and have gone on to achieve the best possible outcome. We’re happy to discuss the situation with you without obligation.

At this stage it is impossible to give a realistic estimate of how long it will take to settle your claim. A straight-forward claim may take 6 – 8 months, but others may take longer. A claim can take longer to settle if liability is disputed or the injuries sustained are complex.

You can help your claim by returning all paperwork and any information we request in full and in a timely manner. A common problem is that we have to wait for clients’ National Insurance details. Please let us have these details from the outset.


Ercan is an experienced litigation lawyer and since joining the company in 2017 he has continuously built and grown Oracle Solicitors’ litigation department.

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