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Slip and Trip Claims

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Slip, Trip and Fall Claims Explained

Many slip, trip and fall claims are the result of liquid spills on floors and defects in pavements. A claim exists whenever the business, local authority or property owner is negligent or in breach of their legal duty. Claims against Local Authorities are often referred to as Public Liability whereas claims occurring on private property as called Occupiers Liability claims.

If you’ve suffered a slip, trip or fall that was caused by the fault of another person or party, such as a business of local authority, you may be able to claim compensation. Claims are subject to time limits and other exemptions which we will explain during our free assessment.

Slip and Trip Claims

Fall Accident at Work Claims

Employees who are injured during the course of employment at work in England or Wales are protected in two ways.

Firstly, it is illegal for an employer to terminate your employment if you claim for an accident at work. Secondly, employers are required by law to have Employers Liability insurance in place to protect staff in the event of a workplace accident. This means compensation is claimed from the employers’ insurance company and not directly from the employer.

What happens next?

When you call Oracle Solicitors, our personal injury specialists will provide expert legal advice and access your claim at no cost. We will work quickly to establish who is at fault and gather evidence to obtain an admission of liability. We will ask you to provide as much detail as possible including photos of the accident, Accident Report Forms and the names of any witnesses. Once we take on your claim we will arrange a medical assessment.

After we review all the evidence we will negotiate with the other side or we litigate (sue) to secure a fair compensation settlement for you as soon as possible.

Can I Claim on a No Win No Fee Basis?

The vast majority of our personal injury claims proceed on a No Win No Fee basis (excludes Northern Ireland). When you call us our personal injury expert will access your claim and advise the best way to proceed.

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